Ranking the 23 New EastEnders Characters in 2017 From Worst To Best: Part Two

In last week’s blog post I started ranking this year’s new EastEnders characters from worst to best and after a mostly negative review of the likes of Preston Cooper, Tom who spent all of his time stalking Michelle and the bland Mister Pryce, it’s time to focus on my top ten favourite new characters of 2017, in what should be a generally positive Part Two. If you read Part One, I’m sure you’ll have noticed that I haven’t included a fair few members of the Taylor Family or of Weyland and Co, so I don’t think it’s a massive spoiler to say that you should expect them to feature heavily here today:

10th: Josh Hemmings


Played By: Eddie Eyre

First Appearance: 17th March

See I told you. Coming in at number ten on my list is Josh, the half brother of Fi and Luke Browning and the son of James Willmott-Brown. I initially wasn’t fond of Josh because I found him to be obnoxious in his intense chasing of Lauren Branning, who he knew was already in a relationship but over time he began to grow on me, as it became increasingly more apparent that he was a good guy at his core, despite being part of an unapologetically evil family. The romantic angle with Lauren, that almost seemed to be harassment at the very start was toned down, with Josh giving her plenty of space to become attracted to him naturally, instead of trying to force it and now their relationship actually seems believable and much better for it.

Josh does have an aggressive edge to his character as we’ve seen over the last week or so and his struggle between his loyalty for his family and his loyalty for Lauren has caused him to rebel a little against his dad recently, so he’s more than just the bland minion of Weyland and Co that he seemed at the start. I’m very impressed at the turnaround they’ve managed to complete with him. With his sister and his dad already confirmed to leave at the conclusion of this Weyland storyline and Lauren’s imminent December exit, I’m pretty certain that there’s going to be no long term future for Josh on the show and that makes me a little sad. As a character who’s trying to do the right thing, he does have a chance when this whole mess is over to stick around but I have a feeling that unfortunately, Josh could end up dead as a consequence of his dad’s evil screaming.


9th: Woody Woodward


Played By: Lee Ryan

First Appearance: 18th April

As someone who liked Cora’s grandson Dexter better than most people and who ranks Fatboy as one of my favourite ever EastEnders characters, I understand inexplicably feeling attached to a character who conventional logic says that you should hate. Something like this has clearly happened to me with Woody. Portrayed by long term irritant Lee Ryan and with the ridiculous name Woody Woodward, Woody should have been an object of hatred but instead surprised me by injecting a bit of fun and life into a Queen Vic, which was starting to feel stale and depressing under the Carters.

When Woody, who was a cover barman as a favour for Linda Carter originally, was made bar manager by Grafton Hill, I feared that his fun and kind persona might have been fake and that he might have been a pawn in the Weyland and Co storyline but it seems like that was a red herring of some kind, since it was never hinted again that he was even remotely trying to plot against Mick and Linda. That wasn’t a problem, since it’s sometimes refreshing to have a character with no secrets or agendas and who is there to just add fun. I have a feeling that Woody is a Marmite character with most viewers, one that you either think is great or who you can’t stand, with no inbetween but personally I really like him.

This isn’t to say that I’ve found Woody to be perfect all the same. He recently returned to the show engaged to Whitney Dean, in one of the quickest offscreen whirlwind romances ever, which meant it was extremely irritating when they expected us to care and feel invested in the couple immediately without any build up but at it’s core, that’s the writing team’s fault. The relationship seemingly also brought out the worst in him, especially during one episode when he followed  a conflicted Whitney around the square, basically arguing her into deciding to stay with him. The cowardly way in which he left for a bit recently also wasn’t a good look, after he got cold feet and left Whitney to go off to be a barman in Ibiza. When he returns, the writers are going to have to quickly work out the best way to write him and stick with it. Lee Ryan’s EastEnders future depends on it.


8th and 7th: Alexanda D’Costa and Madison Drake

Played By: Sydney Craven and Seraphina Beh

First Appearance: 17th January

For six months straight, I found myself absolutely hating Alexandra and Madison and that’s great because that was exactly the point of them. The bullies in the controversial but important Walford High bullying storyline, for no reason apart from maybe jealousy, decided to make Bex Fowler’s life absolutely miserable by doing various evil acts, such as turning her best friend Louise Mitchell against her, forcing her to eat dirt from the ground that they had convinced her were chocolate truffles and even smashing her precious and expensive acoustic guitar. As if they weren’t hateful enough by that point, they then turned their bullying towards their own friend Louise, getting her blackout drunk and convincing her the responsibility for it lay with her boyfriend (the aforementioned Travis who I talked about in Part One) and ultimately causing Louise to suffer from the burns that still mentally affect her in the present.

Madison and Alexandra were often difficult to watch at times but I have no doubt that the actors played their role well and if anything, my biggest criticism is that their back story was never really expanded on. It would have helped them if they’d showed us why they had so much hatred in their hearts. I get that they were so horrible that they deserved comeuppance in some way but their exit just involved them being carried away by the police, after burning Louise and then they were never seen or mentioned of again and this seemed to annoy a fair few fans.

Maybe some day when they’re older, the characters will return and I think so long as too much time hasn’t elapsed that most fans have forgotten them, they’ll be able to succeed all over again. EastEnders may have received a lot of criticism for the Walford High bullying story being ‘too much like like Grange Hill,’ or being focused on too much but in my eyes its impossible to claim any of the blame for that lies with the brilliant Alexandra and Madison.


6th: Karen Taylor


Played By: Lorraine Stanley

First Appearance: 15th June

As I’ve said already, the Taylor family took a bit of time to click but when they did, they became a vital part of EastEnders. A large part of their success of course lies with Karen Taylor, the family matriarch. The thing with a character like Karen, is that you need to correctly balance them being a bit rough around the edges and abrasive, with also being secretly good hearted and caring and at the start I felt like the writers did a poor job of it. She would be selfish and abrasive, which made it difficult to watch and had such a poor control over her children that sometimes, I genuinely wondered if they were trying to make viewers hate her instead of feel empathy towards her.

Like all of the Taylors and a fair few other characters on this list, over time the worst of Karen’s traits were toned down and she quickly became a delight in almost every scene she was involved in. Possessing audience pleasing humour and motivated by her driving love for her children, Karen’s vulnerabilities began to make her character stronger instead of weaker and now that she’s built up some friendships and respect with other characters on the show, she has started to become a major success.

Her recent loan shark story has maybe been a little cliche but after being involved in several great moments, such as when she helped Sharon, Michelle and Denise with Tom the stalker, when she found out that Bernadette had suffered her miscarriage and when the Taylors hosted dessert as part of the Queen Vic food night, I’m mainly excited to see more of Karen in 2018. I still feel bad for wishing for her axing during her first week! She can stay for a long time as far as I’m concerned now.


5th: Aidan Maguire 


Played By: Patrick Bergin

First Appearance: 27th November

The fact that Aidan hasn’t been around for a full month and has somehow managed to make my top five is a testimony of how great a character he’s been. The steely, magnetising Irishman, who once shared a cell with Phil Mitchell, has spent the last few weeks trying to recruit a team of characters to help him in some sort of robbery/heist that seems to be targeted against Willmott-Brown and it’s been great television. We don’t know a big amount of his backstory and most characters, asides from his friend Phil don’t either but he’s still been impressive enough to convince Mick Carter, Vincent Hubbard and Keanu to join up, to help pull off his scheme, which is set to happen at the beginning of the new year.

In a testimony to just how charismatic Aidan is, it only crossed my mind the other night that his plan might not be successful and that the members of his team could all end up paying dearly in some way. When a character is so convincing that he’s able to make you believe in what he’s selling, that’s when you know they’re truly great. I really like Aidan and I’m so excited to see what he’s going to do in EastEnders over the Christmas holiday period. Even if his plan goes up in flames, it’s going to be an amazing fire to behold.

4th: Sophie (Fi) Browning


Played By: Lisa Faulkner

First Appearance: 31st March 1987 (Returned April 2017)

As a representative for Grafton Hill, brought in to make sweeping changes to the Queen Vic in order to make it more profitable, I didn’t pay as much attention to Fi Browning at the start as I should have. There was no doubting Fi’s charm or her charisma but at the time, I just thought she was a minor player in a storyline, that was hard to understand and way too slow at times. After the story got more familiar however and it was revealed that Fi was in fact Sophie, the daughter of past mega villain James Willmott-Brown, who had been behind the whole Weyland and Co scheme, it began to become apparent just how important she is.

A rare character who got more and more interesting as time went on, the slow reveals that she was in a relationship with Max Branning the whole time he was in a sham one with Carmel and that she was James Willmott-Brown’s daughter, were extremely effective and proved that when you don’t withhold character details just for the sake of it, they can be revealed to a positive reception. Fi has been probably the most important element of the Weyland and Co storyline, doing the majority of the heavy work when it came to taking over the Queen Vic and being a cool and calm influence in comparison to her hot headed and erratic older brother Luke and her conflicted younger brother Josh.

It’s a shame that Lisa Faulkner, who plays Sophie has confirmed that she is to leave EastEnders at the conclusion of this story. Recent events have showed that, just like Josh, she does have a heart and only did a lot of her more evil deeds, in order to please her father, so she could have been redeemed. It says a lot about the complexities of her character, that unlike Josh who is slowly turning on his dad because he’s fallen in love with Lauren, she’s mainly doing it because she’s fallen in love with the Carters and the Queen Vic.


3rd: Keanu Taylor


Played By: Danny Walters

First Appearance: 15th June

Ignore the tough guy pose in the photo above because Keanu Taylor, right now is possibly the most kind and gentle character in EastEnders. Even when I was convinced that the Taylors were dead on arrival, something about Keanu screamed ‘Breakout Character,’ and I’m pleased to say that so far I haven’t been wrong. He did fall into the same pitfalls as the rest of his family at the start and was very lucky to avoid a teased incest storyline between himself and his sister Bernadette but from then on it was almost plain sailing, as it became obvious just how much of a good guy he was. Despite being shunned by the community initially for his role in a ridiculous plot, that seen the family steal Arthur Fowler’s memorial bench, Keanu would go around the square performing random acts of kindness, like planting flowers again that had been destroyed and never once asked for attention or money, for any of his good deeds.

As someone who has spent pretty big portions of my life unemployed, I’ve loved seeing Keanu’s raw and very real struggle to get a job and his associated shame in having to claim jobseekers allowance. We all know there’s a pretty unfair stigma attached to signing on for benefits and his internal conflict between needing money and not wanting to be like his mother, who had been a claimant for most of her life was a heartbreaking but important plot to put on television and I don’t think Keanu or Sean O’Connor got as much credit as they deserved for addressing it. His other storylines have been mostly successful as well, give or take the outdated male escort story that seems to have been thankfully dropped and I’m very interested to see where his relationship with Ingrid and his role in Aidan’s upcoming grand crime is going to go in 2018.

It’s a little hard to put into words succinctly what’s so great about Keanu’s character (I could write endlessly why I love all of the characters in my top three) but with a moral compass that veers towards doing the right thing, a love for his family that stretches out above anything else, a gritty East End personality that makes him unafraid of getting his hands dirty and an extremely talented actor to draw all these factors together, Keanu has been great and I can’t wait to see more of him next year. I hope Danny Walters has no plans to leave for the foreseeable future because if he sticks around, Keanu is going to be huge.


2nd: Keegan Baker


Played By: Zack Morris

First Appearace: 9th January

The majority of characters that I’ve had positive opinions of in these blog posts, all started off rather unlikeable and then grew on me more as time went on, so it’s fitting that my second favourite new EastEnders character of 2017 completed the biggest one eighty turn of all. Originally introduced as Shaki’s mean best friend and as a supporting player during the Walford High bullying plot, Keegan was often shown to be violent, homophobic and cruel in his treatment of other characters and it got so bad, that when Denise Fox snapped and knocked him to the ground with a slap, I’m pretty sure I stood up and broke into a chorus of applause.

What really helped Keegan was the introduction of his family, the Taylors because it helped to explain why he was such a bitter and angry young man. Over time we began to see that there was a vulnerability to him, he loved his family despite often rebelling against Karen, he genuinely did care about being a good friend to Shaki and he felt guilt over what happened to Louise at the conclusion of the Walford High plot, unlike the unapologetic Alexandra and Madison. Recently he surprised everybody by getting a job as a market street sweeper and sticking with it and it seems as time goes on he’s only going to continue to be more likeable and less of the arrogant toerag that he was at the start.

Honestly, if you’d told me at the start of the year that I’d end up declaring Keegan to be the second best new character of 2017, I would have assumed that most of the other new introductions were terrible but that genuinely hasn’t been the case and I’m now a big fan of Keegan and extremely glad that he was allowed to stick around and be part of a brand new family unit. Aidan has clearly seen some raw, untapped potential in the young man as well, so don’t be surprised if he sadly veers towards some criminal activities in the new year.


1st and My Favourite New Character of 2017: Luke Browning


Played By: Adam Astill

First Appearance: 31st March 1987 (Returned September 2017)

Unlike with Keegan, there hasn’t been a single moment that I haven’t found this man to be a great EastEnders character. The son of James Willmott-Brown and a major player in the Weyland and Co storyline, Luke Browning quickly made his mark in Walford by entering into a relationship with Ben Mitchell, in order to acquire several properties for Weyland and Co and over time has shown an increasingly more violent and evil character, that constantly simmers behind his elegant and affable exterior.

I think my favourite thing about Luke is that he’s a gay character, yet his sexuality isn’t made a big deal of by anybody. There’s no hint that he’s ashamed about his sexuality or that anybody in his family feels negatively about him due to it. It’s just how he is and he doesn’t care about hiding it. In spite of his relationship with Ben being a ruse, their brief pairing felt so real and so genuine, that I spent every episode trying to ignore the clues that it was false because I was that desperate to see it work and both actors deserve so much credit for being able to create the chemistry they had, even if it ended with Luke leaving Ben a crumpled and bloody heap in the Arches.

I’ve made Luke my personal favourite new character of the year and honestly it wasn’t even a difficult decision for me. He’s probably my favourite EastEnders’ villain since the late, great Michael Moon and I hope that I’m going to get the chance to see a lot more of him on the show. That hope might be a pipe dream since, at the time of writing, he hasn’t been onscreen since he was kidnapped by Aidan’s gang of merry, masked men but if he can make it out of the Weyland and Co story alive and not imprisoned, I genuinely think that he could end up being one of the show’s great villains.

Even if last Friday’s episode was somehow his last, it wasn’t a bad way for him to go out, especially thanks to the kidnapping scene, where he looked unimpressed at two masked men who had just jumped out of the back of a van to assault him and simply responded with, ‘really?’ I love Luke.


That concludes my countdown of the top 23 new EastEnders characters from this year. Do you agree with my rankings? Is there somebody I have way too high that I’m wrong about? If you feel strongly about anything, so long as it isn’t about Luke not being a great character, feel free to let me know about it over on my Twitter account @heathyheath_ or down here in the comment’s section. Thank you so much for reading everyone. Oh yeah and Merry Christmas.









Ranking the 23 New EastEnders Characters in 2017 From Worst To Best: Part One

2017 has been an interesting year for EastEnders. After a slow and clunky start that essentially cost Executive Producer Sean O’Connor his job, the storylines he put in place eventually picked up steam and it seems like, mainly thanks to the Weyland and Co plot, EastEnders’ 2018 is going to provide a lot of captivating and good television. Like any EP, Sean’s impact on EastEnders will be felt for a long time to come, whether you liked him or not and of course a major part of his legacy involves the characters he introduced during his tenure.

In today and next week’s blog posts, I thought I’d take all of the characters introduced by Sean O’Connor in 2017 (and one introduced by John Yorke) and rank them, starting with who I think is the worst and ending with the best.

There’s some rules here. I’ve only included characters who were around for at least a full month, excluding the likes of Jay’s mate Tommy (I don’t remember him either) and Denise’s mother. I’ve left out babies and animals (sorry Bronson and Hope Fowler) and after a lot of backwards and forwards internal debate, I’ve also excluded characters who were established in the past, ruling out Michelle Fowler and James Willmott-Brown. I get the argument that Michelle is a recast and JWB has been away for so long, that they both act as almost completely new characters but they’ve had so much character building before 2017, I didn’t think it would be fair to include them. I’m also aware that Fi and Luke both appeared as Willmott-Brown’s children in the 1980s, but that’s a little different. They still act as completely new characters so they’re included here.

23 new characters were introduced in 2017 under these rules, so I’m going to break my rankings up into two parts, in this one focusing on the 23rd best character to the 11th best, before counting down the top ten this time next week. So I guess you could call part one my mixed to negative rankings. Just call me EastEnders Advisor:

23rd: Preston Cooper


Played By: Martin Anzor 

First Appearance: 14th February 

The fact that even looking at the face of Preston Cooper again induces anger in me, makes me feel a lot less guilty for declaring him to be the worst new character of 2017. The 17 year old American Preston, was handicapped even before he arrived in Albert Square, thanks to his first time being referenced on screen, involving an affair he had with his 40+ year old teacher Michelle Fowler, while she was teaching in Florida. This reveal at the time, was meant to be the launching pad for Michelle’s first major story since she arrived back in Walford but it was so badly received and made viewers feel so uncomfortable, that many hoped the character of Preston would never appear in EastEnders.

Sadly those hopes were dashed when he made his onscreen debut on Valentine’s Day, as a romantic surprise for his former teacher and over the course of the next month and a half proceeded to annoy viewers with his immature attitude and on and off relationship with the already unpopular Michelle. If I had been writing for the show, I would have had Preston subvert the expectations of viewers, by being mature and focused and genuinely appearing to be in love with Michelle but instead, they decided to have Preston be exactly who we thought he would and he absolutely sucked. After just over six weeks of excruciating pain for viewers, Preston left after being justifiably shooed away by Sharon and I can say with near certainty that we will never see him in Walford again. Good riddance.


22nd: Gethin Pryce

Played By: Cerith Flinn

First Appearance: 23rd January

Gethin or Mister Pryce, as he was known as throughout most of his EastEnders tenure due to his role as drama teacher at Walford High, was no doubt hurt by taking part in a badly received and awkward to watch storyline but honestly even before that, there didn’t seem to be much long term potential for him. With his bland character and wishy washy grip on the responsibilities that came with being a teacher, Mr Pryce was only used as a minor supporting character in the Bex and Louise bullying storyline, so it came as a big shock to me when, after the angle concluded, he moved to Walford and began a relationship with Sonia Fowler and an uncomfortable plot where her daughter Bex constantly tried to seduce him after they shared a shock kiss.

The kiss literally was a shock one, taking place minutes after an explosion rippled through Walford but that didn’t stop Bex from completely abandoning all of the things that made her a good, wholesome and likeable character as she proceeded to spend weeks chasing after her conflicted music tutor. Due to horrible scenes, like where contrived circumstances led to Mr Pryce giving Bex an awkward driving lesson or she led poor Shaki on in order to make Gethin jealous, it became clear quickly that both the character and the story weren’t working and thankfully a way out appeared, when John Yorke took on the Executive Producer’s role and seemingly ended it much earlier than it was planned to.

Strangely enough, Gethin Pryce’s best episode was also his last, when he made the mature decision of telling Sonia about the kiss, only for it to backfire on him and see Sonia end their relationship, after he had already got desperately drunk and roughed up by an irate Jack Branning. It was nice to see him finally show a bit of a backbone at the very end but it was nowhere near enough to save Gethin for me and I’m glad he’s gone.


21st: Travis Law-Hughes


Played By: Alex James-Phelps

First Appearance: 17th January

There’s not really that much to say about Travis and his time on EastEnders. Asides from the fact that he may be notable as the first ever EastEnders’ actor with a double barrelled second name, to play a character who also has a double barrelled second name, Travis never did that much notable for bad or for good. Clearly brought in to add another recurring face to the Walford High bullying storyline, Travis’ greatest sins were probably being a little too bland to have long term potential and at times even being way too nice to a sickly extent, something that led to his girlfriend Louise Mitchell ending their short lived romance. Compared to some of the much better young characters introduced this year, such as Alexandra, Madison and especially Keegan, Travis was just kind of there and never really did much of note.


20th and 19th: Chatham and Riley Taylor

Played By: Alfie and Tom Jacobs

First Appearance: 15th June 

The first two members of SOC’s completely new family the Taylors to feature on this list, Chatham and Riley are only so low down because they’ve done nothing much of note which is completely understandable considering both actors, who are real life brothers, are young and have learning difficulties just like their characters. The two boys are often worried about by Karen due to their vulnerabilities, unfortunately being targeted and threatened during her recent loan shark storyline and both of them add a lot of heart to a family unit who have been a massive success in my eyes, if you don’t think about their opening few weeks on the square.

I’m not too sure what the long term future of Chatham and Riley looks like but you have to admire two young boys with learning difficulties managing to get exposure through their acting on national television every single week and for that reason I hope they’ll continue to help the Taylor family be such a huge success in 2018.


18th: Joyce Murray


Played By: Maggie Steed

First Appearance: 26th May

Oh Ted and Joyce Murray. I’ve really tried to like the long term married couple who were introduced to EastEnders this year, since more elderly characters on the show isn’t a bad thing and they’ve really tried to get us to like them in return but I just haven’t been able to enjoy them much. Ever since their debut, constant comparisons have been made between Ted and Joyce and Les and Pam Coker, another more popular elderly couple who were axed mere months before Ted and Joyce came around and those comparisons have been so negative, it makes me wonder why they ever axed Les and Pam to begin with.

While the couple haven’t worked as a whole, I’ve enjoyed Ted a lot more than Joyce, (ironic because I loved Pam a lot more than Les), so Joyce has found herself at the negative end of my list. Generally portrayed as dreary and always ready to complain about something, Joyce has mostly failed to exude anything that resembles warmth and limp storylines that seen her trying to cover up Ted’s mental health issues and feuding with Dot over her cat Dave/Lucky have done her no favours. I get that for an older resident in Albert Square, a rivalry with Dot isn’t a bad way to introduce a character but the problem was that it dragged on too long. Even recently, in scenes where Dot and Joyce have sat around drinking tea, you haven’t got the impression that they’re friends and the majority of the blame for that lies with the dour Joyce.

My disdain for Joyce is so bad that recently I was disappointed to see her and Ted escaping a jail sentence, for Ted shooting Johnny accidentally and Joyce trying to cover it up. When you’d rather see an elderly couple go to jail than continue onscreen, that’s obviously bad and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Joyce axed in the new year. Bring back Pam Coker.


17th: Felix Moore

Played By: George Maguire

First Appearance: 6th July 

Clearly brought in to answer the persistent question of, ‘this is London, where are the hipsters at?’ Felix Moore was first introduced in EastEnders, drinking expensive hipster craft beer in the Queen Vic and flogging antique goods from a market spot he took from Donna and that’s all he’s really done since July. He last appeared on Halloween night aiding and assisting in the search for the missing Janet Mitchell, so it’s not like he’s been axed and will never be in EastEnders again, so it makes me wonder why he hasn’t been given much to do.

I’ve enjoyed the sight of somebody slightly aloof and above the hectic goings on in Albert Square, being forced to deal with unpleasant situations like having to spend time with Robbie and being the villain by proxy, for taking the market spot of somebody who was behind with her pitch fees and now that he’s shown there’s a heart in there as well after trying to find Janet, I hope Felix will be kept around under John Yorke. Apparently the man who plays him is an extremely talented West End actor as well, so it’s not like he isn’t capable of being given a more prominent role. He’d have been considerably higher on this list if he’d been given something to do.


16th: Tom Bailey

Played By: Daniel Casey

First Appearance: 1st June

Tom Bailey, the creepy stalker who tortured Michelle Fowler for a few months, is probably yet another victim of changes at the top of the show’s hierarchy causing a story to end early but honestly a character who was originally credited as ‘Nosebleed Man,’ didn’t have a lot of long-term potential to begin with. After meeting Michelle in a couple of seemingly random encounters on the train, he very quickly developed an intense and creepy fixation on her that only escalated when she thought he was too full on and ended the relationship.

It looked like some great TV was ahead. Tom played the role of the obsessive stalker well, the premise that he believed Michelle could replace his similar looking ‘dead,’ ex-wife was a great hook and there seemed to be a lot of decent mileage in the storyline due to how realistic it was. In real life sadly there are ladies out there who do get bombarded with creepy messages and gifts from men, who just automatically assume they’re entitled to whatever girl they want, if they put enough effort in and EastEnders deserved plenty of plaudits for covering this and acknowledging the fact that sometimes, the police can’t even do anything about it until it escalates.

I think what halted the story and Tom’s time as a character was that once the point was made that this was an awful situation, the new people in charge didn’t particularly care about showing this escalation and just wanted to wrap things up as quickly as possible. This did lead to an awesome episode where Michelle, with the help of Sharon, Denise and Karen, got one over Tom, recording him acting like a creep and tying him up after Sharon knocked him out with a vase. During this, it was revealed that Tom’s wife had never died and had instead just divorced him and Tom was shown to be more of a woman hater who didn’t value women, than an outright psychopath, which is okay I guess.

I don’t think it’s the end of the world that Tom was cut early but I don’t think he deserves too much criticism either. Being limited to a plot with the unpopular ‘Fakechelle,’ meant he could only go so far.


15th: Bernadette Taylor


Played By: Clair Norris

First Appearance: 15th June 

I’ve talked about it before in more detail but the Taylor Family’s first few weeks were so bad, that it almost made the whole unit seem Dead On Arrival as characters. Their main problem was that they were written at first, to be the most blatant stereotypes of a low income, benefit reliant family that the mind of your worst Daily Mail reader could conjure up. Obviously all the Taylors bounced back after those first few weeks but by far the character who had the biggest comeback to complete was Bernadette.

Over the course of a month, Bernadette was shown to be lazy and always miserable (her first press introduction photo has her scowling for some reason), it was briefly hinted that she could have been having an incestuous relationship with her brother Keanu and she was even given the dreaded cliche teen pregnancy storyline, that only invited negative comparisons to Demi Miller from the mid 2000s. Despite being handicapped in so many ways during her first weeks, Bernadette did manage to complete a decent enough turnaround as a character and even though she’s not beloved or anything, the Taylors would be worse of without her.

Personally, I found the scene where she tore up flowers in the Square because she wanted to destroy something beautiful, particularly interesting because I can’t remember a young character saying something as poignant as that before but it was her performance when she suffered a miscarriage a month or two into her pregnancy, that got her the most positive attention and deservedly so. The subject of miscarriages is obviously an extremely sensitive and delicate one and for a young character to go through that situation in a way that was so well acted and real, is something that deserves a lot of praise. As a whole, I like Bernadette and how her vulnerabilities bring out the best in Karen, Keanu and Keegan. It’s just a shame about those first weeks.


14th: Hugo Browning


Played By: Simon Williams

First Appearance: 26th January

When Hugo debuted as a mysterious stranger, outlining to Max Branning his plans to redevelop Walford, it seemed pretty certain to me that he was set to be the next big EastEnders villain. As we know now, this was a bait and switch, with Hugo’s brother-in-law James Willmott-Brown being the true driving force behind the Walford redevelopment villainy but that doesn’t mean Hugo isn’t without his merits.

Much more understated in his villainy compared to the likes of Luke or James, as evidenced by him skipping last week’s big reveal in the Queen Vic because he prefers to step back and let others take the glory, Hugo is a refined yet sinister presence and is definitely a valuable and important cog in the Weyland and Co machine. His finest moment to date was probably when he arrived at the Queen Vic about a month ago, expecting the Carters to sign their ownership of the pub over to Weyland and Co, only for Mick to kick him out after signing the contract in Lady Di’s name instead. In those scenes we seen a temper from the usually cool Browning and a stuck up contempt for what he considers to be the lower class and I’m looking forward to seeing more of that. His comparative lack of screen time compared to the rest of Weyland and Co is the main thing that prevents him from a higher ranking on my list.


13th: Ingrid Solberg 

Played By: Pernille Broch

First Appearance: 22nd June

A lot of people, myself included, feared the worst when a lady who looked vaguely like Ronnie Mitchell got hired to be a live in babysitter for the grieving Jack Branning, who still wasn’t over the death of his wife Ronnie just six months ago. Those fears were seemingly confirmed when the two shared a passionate kiss, causing a lot of fans to write off Ingrid as a ‘fake Ronnie,’ and a terrible character. I hated the storyline as well don’t get me wrong but was willing to still Ingrid a chance, since she’d already shown some promise in a few scenes that didn’t involve Jack and always seemed good hearted, a trait that isn’t shown enough in EastEnders,

I’d like to think that my faith was rewarded because not long after the kiss, all hints of a romance between Jack and Ingrid were completely dropped and since then, she has went on to be quite a well rounded character who adds a lot of brightness and warmth to an often dreary Albert Square. The way I look at it is, if a character isn’t intended to be involved in massive storylines and isn’t going to be a villain or gangster of some kind, then they might as well make the show a happier and better place and Ingrid does that for me. Her new romance with Keanu has been pretty cute as well and has worked out much better than the one with Jack would have. If John Yorke is behind that story being dropped as well, he deserves his EP job for that alone.


12th: Konrad Topolski 

Played By: Piotr Baumann

First Appearance: 16th February

I’d love more than anything to put Konrad higher on this list but he just hasn’t been on TV enough and for all I know might never even be coming back. For a few weeks in February and March, the charming, down to earth owner of a local Polish delicatessen, helped out the Carters with their countless themed food nights in the Queen Vic and seemed to develop a fondness for Shirley, before suddenly disappearing from our screens with zero explanation as to why and it sucks. He was recently referred to in a throwaway scene in the Vic’s dining room, when Linda teased Shirley for having a crush on him, so there’s still hope he’ll be back again even if it doesn’t seem likely.

I don’t want to get into this too much, since there could be a tonne of reasons why Konrad hasn’t became a regular character but one of the counter arguments I always see when the need for diversity on TV is mentioned, is that the actor, no matter their colour or ethnic background, should add to the show and seem like a natural fit. Konrad definitely did this and offered a lot of potential, so it felt like a slap on the face when the previously mentioned, bland  and generic Mr Pryce was given a full time role on the show around the same time that Konrad seemingly fell off the face of this earth. I’m not sure what’s going on but I do know I’d love to see Konrad continue this story with Shirley at some point in 2018.


11th: Ted Murray


Played By: Christopher Timothy

First Appearance: 26th May

Coming a massive seven places ahead of his wife Joyce is Ted Murray, the man to finish off part one of this post. I know I said earlier that Ted and Joyce don’t seem to work as a couple but I do think that Ted has got an upside and has became a valuable part of the community unlike Joyce. Originally I found it an insult that Ted was considered as a better option to be the Queen Vic potboy, than the iconic Patrick but since they ended up sharing the role, I’ve found myself enjoying almost every pub scene that Ted has been involved in, especially when he’s hanging out with Patrick.

I found the reason behind Ted owning a gun (PTSD from the war) to be a little underwhelming when it was finally revealed, since a similar story had already been done with Lee Carter recently but at least Ted’s mental issues are an interesting aspect of his character that makes him stand out, unlike Joyce. I’m not too sure what should be done with Ted in the new year, since as I’ve said I wouldn’t have been upset if he’d had to leave with Joyce but I’d like to see him stick around in some capacity if they can improve the characterisation of his wife. EastEnders have always had an impressive roster of older characters on their show at all times, so I’m really rooting for Ted. Patrick needs a friend who can relate to him after all.


That concludes part one of my rankings for today. If you feel like I’ve been unfair on anybody, feel free to let me know in the comments section or over on my Twitter account @heathyheath_ and if you get a chance please come back next week to check out part two. It’s pretty much a positive tone from here on out!

Five of the Worst EastEnders Villains of the 2000s

It seems like every EastEnders’ fan right now has a strong opinion on the current James Willmott-Brown storyline. The 1980s villain, who was involved in a groundbreaking and compelling story, regarding his rape of Kathy Beale back in 1988, has been the mastermind behind this complicated plot that has been rumbling in the background of EastEnders for all of 2017 and for every fan like me, who finds it intriguing and interesting television, there are other fans on various mediums of social media, who find the whole storyline dull and who can’t wait for it to end.

I personally love everything about Willmott-Brown and find him to be a compelling villain, even 28 years after he last featured on EastEnders but I am aware that many fans don’t particularly care for him. Whether it’s finding his scheme to redevelop all of Walford too methodical and plodding or feeling a level of emotional disconnect to the Kathy storyline that happened before a lot of viewers were born, I can understand the criticisms aimed at JWB, even if I personally don’t feel the same way. The jury is still out on him of course and his story could still burn out in a blaze of all engrossing glory but I have a feeling that when it’s all said and done, the  James Willmott-Brown of the 2000s will be thought of as a villain who was just alright. Not terrible, nor incredible on the level of the likes of Archie Mitchell or Janine Butcher, but alright.

All of this talk about James Willmott-Brown recently, has led me to think about all the villains who have made their way onto Albert Square this millennium that were much, much worse than he is. From bad guys (I can’t think of a single  long term female villain EastEnders have treated poorly, unless Alice Branning counts), who have failed to be threatening or intimidating in any way, despite being written as such, to those who have been unable to break the mould of appearing to be a cardboard cut out of a pantomime villain, EastEnders has had some terrible villains over the last 17 years and today I’m here to shine the spotlight on five of them.


Villain One: Andy Hunter


First Appearance: July 2003
Final Appearance: February 2005

It almost physically pains me to have Andy Hunter on this list. At the age of just 10 when he debuted, I found the leader of the Firm to be imposing and scary and would genuinely fear for the lives of the likes of Kat Slater, Alfie Moon and Sam Mitchell, who he had various disputes with. Unfortunately over the years of reading bits and pieces about Andy, it’s became apparent to me that he wasn’t particularly loved or cared for by a good portions of the show’s audience. Long term viewers didn’t feel like he compared to some of the East End gangsters of the past and the way he allowed Kat and Alfie ,who had humiliated him on what should have been the day of his marriage to Kat, get away from the situation relatively unscathed, was a big credibility blow to the smarmy criminal.

In hindsight, I find it easy to see that Andy Hunter wasn’t as great as I thought he was at the time. Myself and my primary school friends were so in love with the dark and gritty ‘Gangster Era,’ of EastEnders, that we probably would have found any character who was a criminal and proud of it to be awesome and even when I look back to this time frame in EastEnders nowadays, my first thought isn’t of Hunter, but instead the vastly superior Johnny Allen, who came along at the start of 2005 to steal Andy’s thunder and ultimately murdered him. The most damning thing in my shift in opinion on Andy Hunter probably came a few years ago ,when I made an offhand comment to my mum about him and my mother, a regular viewer of EastEnders since it began, had absolutely zero memory of him, even after I showed her a photo. I can’t defend someone who was in EastEnders regularly for two years and who can’t even be remembered by a long term fan. Sorry Andy.

Most Memorable Moments: Despite his long term irrelevance, Andy was involved in some important storylines that the effects of can still be seen to this day. He was responsible for the murder of Paul Trueman, something that has shaped the iconic Patrick Trueman as a character since the day it happened and as mentioned, was instrumental in how Kat and Alfie got together but perhaps, his most iconic moment came in how he died. After trying to con the new Big Dog Johnny Allen, out of close to a million pounds, he was mercilessly flung off a motorway bridge by Johnny in one of the show’s most brutal and harrowing death scenes of all time. Sadly in a way that sums up Andy Hunter’s entire time on EastEnders, his death took place on the night one of EastEnders biggest legends of all time, Dirty Den Watts was also killed, immediately overshadowing his own grisly fate. Tough break.

Villain Two: Danny Mitchell


First Appearance: January 2010

Final Appearance: January 2017

Archie Mitchell in my eyes, is one of the finest villains in the history of EastEnders. Eventually universally hated by all of Albert Square and the vast majority of the show’s viewers, there was something about the spiteful, manipulative father of Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell that made him that rare kind of character that everybody loved to hate. A big problem about villains in soap world however is, unless redeemed in some way, they have some form of a shelf life and eventually there comes a time when they will need to exit the show for good. This time came around for Larry Lamb’s character sadly but the show made the most of it and Archie Mitchell’s death story was done masterfully and hooked me in so much, that I haven’t missed a single episode of EastEnders since then. Despite this, there still would come the time a villain as great as Archie would need to be replaced, so what did EastEnders do to fill their Archie shaped, villainous void? They invented a secret son that had never been even hinted at before and threw him into the spotlight.

Enter Danny Mitchell. As the son of Glenda, the brother of Ronnie and Roxy and of course a member of the iconic Mitchell Family, Danny should have been well placed to take over from Archie as the lead villain in Walford but there was one problem, he really wasn’t all that good. Too young for the role to be particularly intimidating and written to appear too awkward and reliant on his mother for help in his scheming, Danny was quickly written out after his attempts to try to con his sisters were unearthed and even more fatally to the character, Glenda revealed that he wasn’t actually Archie’s son, but was the product of a fleeting affair she had, after she split up with him. I don’t have any background information on this but Danny was introduced in January and ended his first tenure in June of the same year, so it wouldn’t surprise me if the not being Archie’s son reveal, was tacked on at the time, when they realised just how much the character was outright tanking.

In what came as a real surprise to a lot of people, like I alluded to in the paragraph above, Danny Mitchell actually had a second run as a character in EastEnders, being brought back in January of this year after seven years away, with the same actor in tow. There to support his returning mother after the deaths of Ronnie and Roxy, Danny once again made little impact, showing that he had experienced hardly any character growth and was still as terrible at scheming as ever, after trying and miserably failing to extort money from Ronnie’s grieving husband Jack Branning. After that didn’t work out for him, Danny disappeared again and I’d say his chances of ever returning for a third run, are almost completely non existent.

Most Memorable Moments: As far as I’m concerned, Danny only had one truly memorable moment and it actually came this year, which says a lot about his first time in Walford. After offering Jack, in the home he used to share with Ronnie, to convince his mum Glenda to drop her plans to take Ronnie’s son Matthew away from Jack’s custody, in exchange for a hefty sum of money, Danny was beaten savagely by the enraged and insulted Jack in response. In something that summed up Danny’s time on EastEnders, what made the moment truly memorable was that Max Branning was sitting stoically in the kitchen watching the proceedings unfold, while calmly putting ketchup onto a sausage sandwich and watching quietly as Danny was assaulted by his brother. Even in a bizarre and wonderful TV moment like that, Danny was nothing more than a mere plot device.

Villain Three: Danny Pennant 


First Appearance: September 2012

Final Appearance: February 2014

Danny Mitchell wasn’t the only Danny of the 2010s that was intended to be a major villain before failing miserably. Danny Pennant, who was introduced around two and a half years later, seemed to have a lot of potential that for whatever reason quickly fizzled out. The city investment banker was played by soap veteran Gary Lucy and was an LGBT villain in EastEnders before Luke Browning managed to pull it off so effortlessly in 2017, appearing as a mysterious stranger who ended up convincing Syed Masood to sleep with him behind the back of Syed’s partner Christian. Danny only was involved occasionally in the show as part of the story surrounding Christian and Syed’s problems but his role that lasted from September to November 2012 was so intriguing that it left viewers desperate to see more of Danny, so he ended up returning in June 2013 as a full time character.

From then on,  it didn’t take long for the wheels to fall off Danny Pennant’s car of credibility. After a promising enough start, where it was revealed he was bisexual and ended up sleeping with Janine Butcher, he was quickly reduced to being Janine’s lackey and was kept in mostly boring storylines involving his relationship with Lucy Beale ,that never really clicked with the average viewer. Danny was so mishandled in his second run on EastEnders that it makes me wonder why they bothered bringing him back to begin with and after he was revealed as the Walford Wonder (a name that makes me wonder if it subconsciously inspired the name of my blog), an anonymous male on a gay dating site who was stalking Johnny Carter, Lucy dumped him and Danny left Walford in shame, clinging onto a fistful of cash that Lucy had thrown at him. For the third villain in a row, I feel the need to point out something that was indicative of why they failed as a character. Danny had entered Walford as a successful city banker and had left broke and desperate. That’s just how it goes in Albert Square I suppose.

Most Memorable Moments: This won’t ring true for everybody but when I think of Danny Pennant, the first thing that goes into my mind is his banter with Michael Moon, Janine’s estranged husband who often feuded with Pennant. I enjoyed every scene with Michael and Daniel, as Mr Moon called him and found that he was the character Danny had the most chemistry with by far. What Danny is perhaps most known for by the average viewer, is initially being the most popular suspect with bookmakers and fans in the Who Killed Lucy storyline, even though he’d left Walford a good while before it happened. Granted, it could have been interesting viewing to see Danny return and reveal that he had killed Lucy in an act of revenge but it had already been made pretty clear that writers could not invest in him as a major villain and the police quickly revealed that he had been in living in Marbella when Lucy was killed.

Villain Four: Carl White


First Appearance: June 2013

Final Appearance: January 2014

I have to admit that I loved Carl White, even if it was from a ‘he’s so bad I find him hilarious,’ perspective. In the same sense that Danny Mitchell was introduced to fill the void left by Archie Mitchell’s exit, Carl was pretty much brought in to fill the void left by Derek Branning’s departure. Granted, Derek Branning wasn’t close to a villain on the level of Archie Mitchell but I think that most viewers of the time will agree that he was leaps and bounds above Carl White, who screamed generic, non threatening and too much of a cliche from the minute he made his entrance into Walford, on a quest to claim back money that Derek Branning owed him, which had somehow ended up with Ian Beale.

Given a firm hold over Ian Beale and written to appear dominant against both Max Branning and Phil Mitchell, it’s not as if Carl White wasn’t pushed onscreen enough to succeed but as the months went on, it became more and more apparent that viewers just weren’t taking to him. Perhaps the biggest blow to Carl came when he hatched a plot which he hoped would eliminate both of his rivals for good. The convoluted scheme, that Carl hilariously told Max was coming, down to the exact day it would happen on, involved him taking Phil Mitchell out for a drive in a car that didn’t have functioning brakes, crashing the car seconds after releasing Phil’s seatbelt and then taking over Phil’s businesses while he was in hospital. During all of this he also got Max Branning arrested, after coercing poor Ian into claiming he had seen Max tampering with the car’s brakes. Boy do I feel stupid even typing all of that out.

Needless to say, this story only brought on mockery and derision by viewers and the media and Carl’s days in Walford were numbered, especially when Phil managed to take back his businesses with minimal fuss. As his exit story, Carl got together with an on the rebound Roxy Mitchell and got into a feud with Roxy’s sister Ronnie over their relationship, which led to his grisly and memorable end at the hands of Ronnie, who slammed a car boot down on his head, in retaliation to him attempting to rape her.

Humorously, a storyline after where Carl’s mum and brother tried to get answers from Ronnie about their son’s disappearance, was never truly resolved. Ronnie just got a few people to threaten Nora and Adam and that was it, they didn’t seem to care about Carl enough to push the matter further. With Ronnie and Roxy’s death this year, it can be assumed that this story will never have a resolution and that Carl’s skeleton is just set to lie there in the boot of a crushed up car for eternity and maybe that’s for the best.

Most Memorable Moments: As I’ve already said, Carl White’s death scenes were memorable in how gruesome and unpleasant they were but apart from that, most of the things he’ll be remembered for involve how bad a villain he was. The plot against Max and Phil stands out but only because of the sheer ridiculousness of it and I guess the fact his story never got resolved, makes him more notable than if it had been but apart from that Carl White was a true waste of such a concentrated attempt to create a new big villain.

Villain Five: Gavin Sullivan


First Appearance: August 2015

Final Appearance: July 2016

Speaking of a waste of opportunity, no list of the worst villains in EastEnders’ recent history could be complete without the inclusion of Gavin Sullivan, a man who managed to bungle being the driving factor behind Kathy Beale’s fake death and Sharon Mitchell’s biological father. It was during this storyline that I began to get frustrated with EastEnders’ leadership under Dominic Treadwell-Collins and it’s pretty much all down to how corny and laughably handled Gavin was. Since he was supposed to be dead just like Kathy, Gavin would disappear and reappear for what felt like his entire EastEnders run, popping up to cause trouble for his wife and the Mitchells before vanishing and then resurfacing weeks later. This made it nearly impossible to connect with the character because he was gone and out of your mind for weeks after he’d done anything that remotely made an impact.

Just like with Carl, a concentrated effort was made to convince people he was a big deal but nothing ever seemed to work. The identity of Sharon’s biological father should have been an honour, that was enough to turn any character into a major EastEnders’ player but even that, coupled with actually giving Gavin, Den’s ‘Ello Princess,’ greeting didn’t help him. History of some major characters on the show was actually retconned, in order to give him the best chance to succeed but nothing seemed to help and by 2016 it was starting to become clear that The Powers That Be were getting tired of trying and failing to make Gavin Sullivan work.

After several long months of Denny, Sharon’s son, concealing the fact he was still in contact with his granddad, who had been paid off by Sharon to leave them all alone, Gavin’s time in EastEnders came to an end in the most hilarious and laughably bad fashion. In July he hatched a cunning scheme to coerce Kathy into visiting his newly bought, super villain mansion, where he planned to live happily ever after with the under duress Kathy and his solicitor sister, who was also involved in this plot for some reason but his evil plan backfired miserably. A lot of over the top, B Movie level stuff happened and Gavin accidentally sent his sister plunging to her death and ended up arrested by the police, never to be seen and rarely to be mentioned of again. It was TV gold and those disastrous episodes were almost enough to make me regret that Gavin was leaving. Almost.

Most Memorable Moments: Thanks to a heavy show of hand from writers, there’s lots about Gavin that has sewn him into the fabric of EastEnders history for the long term, with perhaps the most important being that he will always be known as the real father of Sharon Watts, unless somebody decides to retcon that in the future. From a personal standpoint, I’ll never forget those few precious episodes that were held in his mansion right at the end of his EastEnders run or the time they tried to make him seem a bigger deal, by showing Walford legend Dot Branning reminiscing that he was a troublemaker back in the day. When Gavin Sullivan was first introduced to EastEnders, Dominic Treadwell-Collins said that he hoped Gavin would be an EastEnders villain like no other and in a strange little way, he kind of was.


Thank you so much for reading today’s blog post. If you’d like to suggest any bad villains from the 2000s that I’ve missed out on, or have any thoughts on the credibility of these five, feel free to let me know in the comments section below or tweet me over on @heathyheath_ because I would love to hear from you. Maybe at some point in the future I’ll return with a similar post about five EastEnders villains of the 2000s who I consider to be the best but it’s probably worth waiting to see how well James Willmott-Brown and Luke Browning do in this current storyline before I commit to that. It would take a lot to join the likes of Michael Moon and Archie Mitchell on a list like that but you never know. Well, you probably do know.


Eight of Billy Mitchell’s Lowest EastEnders’ Moments


Oh Billy Mitchell. Despite originally being introduced to EastEnders as an abusive bully (more on that very soon), it didn’t take long for the runt of the iconic Mitchell family to become a firm favourite with viewers. Kind hearted and well meaning, Billy, expertly portrayed by Perry Fenwick, has been an endearing character on our TV screens for almost twenty years now and is showing no signs of leaving Walford any time soon. Generally portrayed as a loser who is often easy to manipulate, I think most viewers have always been fond of him because there’s something relatable about a character who is constantly unlucky, despite trying their hardest to be somebody in life, while remaining a good person who does their best for others at the same time.

After what felt like nearly eighteen years of solid bad luck, it’s seemed over the last while that things were finally turning around for Billy. He got back together with Honey, the mother of his two children and took over as the Manager of Les Coker’s Undertaker business and has, in a twist of fate became one of the more well adjusted and successful members of the Mitchell family. Unfortunately in the last few weeks it’s begun to be apparent that this good fortune isn’t going to last for him.  Recently it was revealed that his income has been severely hit due to his unwillingness to chase payment from clients and this led to him getting hit with a pretty hefty tax fine. As if financial issues that could bankrupt his business weren’t bad enough, over the last week or so things have got even worse for him, after his daughter, the adorable Janet, was ran over by a car on Halloween night and afterwards, well if you don’t know I’ll expand more on what happened at the end of this post.

Today, in honour of Billy Mitchell’s latest misfortunes, I thought it might be good fun to take a look at eight of the character’s lowest moments since he first landed on our screens back in 1998. Each moment is going to be in chronological order and between Billy being forced to steal from charity, to randomly being a creepy stalker for a few weeks, there’s a lot of negative moments to cover, so let’s get started with one of Billy’s lowest moments ever, the way he was introduced.

One: Billy The Abusive Uncle


Originally intended to only appear on EastEnders for a four episode run, Billy was written into the show to begin with as a way to bring his nephew, the new heartthrob Jamie Mitchell, to the square, which is somewhat ironic since Jamie only lasted four years on the show, while Billy has now been around for well over a thousand episodes. Unfortunately Billy’s introduction involved him being a pretty reprehensible bully, who regularly abused Jamie by hitting him.

Perry Fenwick himself wasn’t a fan of Billy being an outright villain and fortunately thanks to some clever writing, EastEnders was able to slowly redeem him when he was introduced as a full time character in 1999. Revelations that Billy himself was how he was because he had been abused while growing up in a children’s home, along with his actions towards Lil Mo who was suffering domestic abuse from her husband Trevor Morgan, which were nothing short of heroic, helped mould Billy into the good natured character we know and love today. It’s just a shame that his character will always be that of somebody who did genuinely make the childhood of a troubled teen a miserable existence. Even though Billy has done a lot of good things since then, that’s always going to be part of his character and something that’s difficult to forgive.

Two: His Marriage To Little Mo Collapsing After Her Tragic Rape

As mentioned above, Billy did a lot of good things for Maureen Slater, that actually led to them having a pretty strong and stable marriage but sadly a tragic event happened that was too much for Billy to handle, that eventually led to their divorce. In what I remember as a really harrowing storyline, Little Mo got raped one night when she was alone in the Queen Vic and ended up conceiving a child with her rapist, the creepy Graham Foster.

It’s difficult to even wrap your head around the situation someone like Little Mo ended up in but the general consensus was that she deserved a lot of credit for having the strength to carry on with her pregnancy and have her child, despite how horrible a position she had been put into. Billy himself respected Little Mo for her choice but was unable to cope with being a father to a baby that wasn’t his and the marriage was ended which was a shame because I honestly assumed at the time that their marriage was strong enough to survive anything. Another element of the entire situation that is desperately sad, is that Graham Foster was only sentenced to eight years in prison, despite his past sexual offences and in the world of EastEnders probably went on to assault even more women. This is perhaps the most depressing storyline Billy has ever been involved in.

Three: Billy The Charity Thief 


After Billy’s marriage to Little Mo collapsed, he was able to ultimately find temporary happiness again through his marriage to his second wife, the delightful Honey, who is still one of my favourite characters to this day. Despite initially struggling to raise their firstborn child Janet, who suffers from Down’s Syndrome, Billy and Honey had a mostly strong and love filled marriage that was only bolstered by the birth of their second child, a son called William. However, in what has been a recurring theme during his time on EastEnders, his happiness wasn’t to last and by the end of 2007 he was facing severe financial difficulties that left him unable to pay the rent for the flat he occupied with Honey, Janet and William.

Like all rational people suffering from money problems, instead of begging his wealthy family for help or getting a second job or something, he decided to steal money from a children’s charity, a reprehensible act that would propel any character into villain status, if they weren’t as pathetic and downtrodden as Billy. Obviously the scorn and displeasure he received from his own family and the community wasn’t punishment enough because it was only in 2008 that he lied to Honey about donating money to charity that he’d gotten from more questionable means. In Billy’s defence, he was trying to keep the money for honorable reasons but to have a supposedly likeable character, twice deprive charities of money within a year probably wasn’t the best of ideas.

Four: Billy The Coward

Before I go any further I do have to admit that my headline here is perhaps a little mean spirited. See in 2008, Billy hid in a toilet stall while his friend Jase, the father (biologically at the time) of the still popular Jay, was brutally murdered by some East End gangsters, after a criminal job gone wrong and even though he was portrayed pretty extensively onscreen as a coward, I’m not sure if there was anything he could have done to save Jase that wouldn’t have also cost him his own life. Of course Billy was far from heroic in this situation but it’s hard to imagine being in his shoes and even more difficult to imagine springing to action and potentially risking your own life as well.

Regardless of whether you believe Billy was in the right to hide or not, he was met with derision for his cowardly ways and did himself no favours when he allowed Jay to believe that he had done all he could to save Jase, instead of pocketing the money Jase earned during the job and hiding away. It’s undeniable that he suffered for his actions all the same, with a combination of his cowardice and his lies about donating Jase’s money to charity, costing him his marriage after Honey moved away with the two children to live with her father. 2007 and 2008 was such a bad period of time for Billy’s character that it’s almost a miracle that him and Honey are back together in 2017. How much they struggled to get there alone really makes me hope they don’t break them up again.

Five: Billy Loses His Guardianship Of Jay To Phil

I get my first low moment suggests that Billy shouldn’t be tasked with being a responsible guardian to anybody but after Jase died, Billy took Jay in and undeniably was a decent father figure to him. Desperate to atone for the cowardice that arguably cost Jase his life, Billy tried his best with Jay and I thought it was an endearing way of getting viewers back onside of a character who had done a lot of bad things over the last year or so. Sadly Billy and Jay being close wasn’t to last after I’m guessing some new writers, decided there was a gap in Phil Mitchell’s family that needed Jay and slowly over time begun to show him idolising Phil and eventually leaving Billy to live with him full time.

While I honestly have no regrets about Jay being amalgamated into Phil’s family, since that meant we were gifted with the close bond between Ben and Jay, it did make Billy seem weak and perhaps even worse, completely irrelevant. Jay quickly moved from one household to the other in what felt like no time at all and the whole thing just made Billy appear to be an unappealing afterthought. Writers have made an attempt to fix things by having Jay and Billy work together in the funeral parlour nowadays and they did live under the same roof as each other again for a while but they’ve never been as close as they were in the early days and the quick change in guardianship is almost fully to blame for this.

Six: Billy The Letter Thief 

I don’t know how much I can say about this storyline because it was one that was snuffed out almost immediately but since it’s considered up there in the most bizarre unresolved soap storylines of all time, I thought it deserved to be included. You see, in 2010 a mystery story began where it was revealed that somebody was stealing the post of various Walford residents. Masood Ahmed got blamed by a lot of people, since he was the postman and had been going through financial difficulties around the same time but in a shocking twist, it was revealed that Billy had been responsible for stealing everyone’s letters and then, then it was never referred to or brought up again.

It’s fair to assume that at some point, the show’s writers realised the plot was entirely ridiculous and scrapped it but still, for a while he randomly decided to steal other people’s mail, presumably to take any money that was gifted inside and it’s a bizarre part of his character. I have a feeling that the story of Billy Mitchell and the mail will never be referenced again or resolved and honestly, it’s probably for the best.

Seven: Billy The Fish Thief And Also The Creepy Stalker


Ouch. On the topic of storylines involving Billy that are probably better off forgotten, this one is up there with the postal theft. Thrown under the bus by The Powers That Be in order to create more artificial suspects for the Who Killed Lucy Beale storyline, Billy was thrust into the spotlight for a few weeks, when it came out that Lucy had been threatening to get him sacked from his job at Ian Beale’s fish and chip shop because he was stealing fish to feed his granddaughter Lola and his great granddaughter Lexi. Yeah. Billy was stealing fresh fish from the fish and chip shop he worked in, Lucy found out and then started threatening to get him sacked.

Probably because this reason alone was pretty flimsy and not enough to make any savvy EastEnders’ viewer believe Billy could have possibly killed Lucy, a closing shot to an episode showed Billy had several covertly taken photos of Lucy hidden behind his fridge. Like I said, this was all done to turn Billy into another Red Herring but it was at the expense of making him seem like a creepy pervert. Depressingly it ultimately came out that that’s exactly why he had the photos. He had taken a shine to her and decided the best way to react to this would be to hold onto several photos of a young girl who had barely left her teens like a complete weirdo. Just like the post storyline, this is yet another angle that is better off forgotten and makes Billy appear unpleasant if you think about it too much.

Eight: Janet Gets Knocked Down By A Car, Billy Sleeps With Tina Carter, The Driver

tina-billy-eastenders-edjmgkjhfdhgkjfdhgkfdjAs I touched on a little earlier, things started to get better for Billy after the Lucy Beale storyline concluded and it seemed like things were finally on the up for him for a while. It must be some unwritten rule in EastEnders that a character can’t be happy for too many years in a row however, because over the Halloween period we seen Billy suffer from the one two punch of having to deal with his daughter Janet being ran down, before sleeping with Tina Carter after a row with Honey, on the exact same night.

The storyline hasn’t reached anywhere near its conclusion so maybe I shouldn’t be too judgmental but to have Billy cheat on his wife was a massive mistake and now that he’s been involved in this grim plot, where he knows Tina was the person who ran Janet down, but has to keep it hidden to avoid his cheating ways being exposed, it seems like things are only going to get worse for him. In soaps most of the time big secrets end up exposed and if this follows that traditional trajectory and Honey finds out what happened, then Billy Mitchell may soon have his lowest moment of all time.


After writing all of these it’s blatantly obvious to me that Billy has been written into some awkward to navigate corners in his nearly two decade long EastEnders career and I can only give credit to Perry Fenwick for being able to inject an element of likeability into the character that has always allowed him to find ultimate redemption, no matter how many bad things he ends up doing. I personally adore the character and will always have a lot of time for Billy. Even if he’s not always involved in the best or most prominent storylines, the guy has became an important part in the framework of the show and I’m so glad that back in 1999 he managed to snag the opportunity to live in Walford full time. EastEnders wouldn’t be the same without him.